Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Miracle of Faith Healing... Blowing the Burn

Peter the day before the explosion~
Warning photos below may be disturbing.

I was re-reading the Foxfire books one spring many years ago. We had a cook out one fine Sunday and I was talking about the books to friends. I mentioned how fascinating it was to me that the old ones in the Appalachian region had used folk medicine and held their beliefs since the 1700's. Brought to America by their Scottish ancestors, because of the mountains, an intense isolation had taken hold and nothing had altered their ancient practices. I mentioned I read they used a Bible verse to stop bleeding. A guest casually said her uncle could 'blow the burn'. I asked her to elaborate and she said he could even do it over the phone, it was his gift and he did without pay. She said he tried to help severe burn victims in hospitals but often they dismissed his efforts and told him to leave. It is his belief that fire stays in the flesh unless it is blown, thus the zig-zag look to a healed burn. It's the fire still within the skin and it must be blown for the burn to heal correctly. Strange conversation, strange luck... because I would need the information within weeks.  Our sixth son Peter was 10 at the time of his burn. 

If you slam our oven sometimes the air flow will blow out the burner but we're careful and you can always smell the accumulation of propane. He was happily baking cookies and I was in the kitchen with him as he checked them. I got a whiff of propane and was horrified as he grabbed a stick match and in a split second lit it! The explosion rocked the house and could be heard at the barn. Ten minutes of propane had filled the oven and blew up in Peter's face. He was blown backwards and I saw the fire as it boiled out of the oven to snatch him... it had talons and it was alive.

(Photo: Minutes after the explosion.)
Michael who was coming in the back door grabbed Peter who had been blown 10 feet against the back wall and put out his hair. Peter was immediately in shock and the skin on his face began to rise up. Turning from red to white, layer after layer was coming up, his nose was black, his lips ashen, his eyebrows and lashes melted, the forehead hair was singed and much of it gone as well. It was too bad a nightmare to comprehend!

I called the hospital and they told us to route to the burn center. Peter began to shake and cry; the pain was unimaginable and horrible. Maybe 4 minutes had lapsed and the skin was still lifting and beginning to white-bubble. The black around his nostrils indicated how much smoke he had inhaled. We wrapped him in a blanket and in a single heart beat imagined the months of peeling, molded face masks, and our son never looking the same as his brothers. We decided the burn was too bad for hospitalization.

Michael told Peter to draw deep down within himself and find a place to put the pain for a few minutes until we could call the burn-blower and it would be alright. It took three agonizing minutes to get the number and make the call. The gentleman blower was not at home but his grandson said he had the gift too and he could do it even though he had never done it before. He was sixteen.

 He asked how he was burned, with what properties, where the concentration was and a few other questions. Then he told me to gently blow on Peter's face, starting from left to right and slowly blow and he would do the rest. As I blew, layer after layer of skin began to flatten down, Peter stopped shaking and the pain subsided. The grandson told me that the aloe I had on hand was fine to use but not necessary. He said the burns would be totally healed in 30 days and that they would leave no scarring. The fire had been blown and was no longer within Peter's face.

(Taken over the next three weeks...)
The scabs were thick, deep, and dark. What was left of his hair was a brittle singed relic and his nose was transparent on one side. However the scabs fell off in thirty 30 days, leaving no scarring. His nose was a little thin on one side for several years and his freckles disappeared forever, but he never even needed antibiotics for breathing in the flames.
~The Miracle of Faith Healing... I am a grateful believer.


  1. I had a great aunt who could "blow the burn out", also. Unfortunately, many people in the tiny mountain town where she lived called her "witch", despite her deep Christian relationship with God. I'd never heard a similar story until I read this one! So very glad for your son's happy ending, and for the kindness of strangers and faith healings. <3

  2. It was passed to me by mountain people Emma... and it is a true faith belief that heals the burn. There is also a prayer to stop bleeding that my son John has used in rescues. I am so grateful!

  3. Please someone give me the verse in the bible for this i have the one that stops bleeding

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