Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Garden... Saying Goodbye

Today the leaves of the Elm began to fall in golden drifts, gliding to the ground in swirling masses. The maples turned a brilliant crimson and the China Berries began to lose their leaves, showcasing the lovely translucent berries resting in large clusters on their heavy branches. The brilliant scarlet of the lovely Virginia Creeper became clearly visible as it twined about the trunks of trees, climbing high into the uppermost branches. Even the Sumac, growing in every field and bar ditch, has become a gorgeous deep velvet-red this time of year. The leaves are beginning to accumulate on the ground making any walk a sensual pleasure of swishing, crackling sounds. Fall has arrived exactly on schedule and is welcomed by everyone who watches the seasons as they float by each year. The crisp feel of the mornings are incentive to grab a cup of coffee and take a brisk walk in the woods.

It is so lovely this time of year; fall not only ushers in winter, it also has a silence about it that is soothing. The last evenings in the garden are nostalgic and bittersweet with a sadness that the efforts for this year are almost over. The exciting daily rush of expectantly waiting for a certain rose to bloom, the daylilies to flower, or the vegetables to produce is over for the year. It is time for a closure of sorts so plan to grab a sweater some chilly evening soon and sit quietly in the garden. Close your eyes and listen to the final song of the crickets and the whisper of leaves gently falling to the ground. Relax for a bit…and remember to thank your garden for all the joy it brought you; remember to say goodbye.

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