Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Birds, The Cats, and the Mastiff... The Game

I’m watching something hilarious unfold in the yard; Jenny Guinea and Rajah have decided to protect the little birds. Apparently they have enlisted the help of Bruno, the Mastiff, to chase the cats away from the hedge row. The cats are hanging out, hiding in the hedge adjacent to where the little birds eat, hoping to snag a snack.

Jenny is telling Bruno...wake up Bruno!

So now we have the nervous little birds in a flurry of winged flight rushing enmass away from the feed when the cats leap out to chase them. Bruno hears the ruckus and actually wakes from his nap to race like a freight train to the bottom yard. Barking and dancing his way to the feeder he scares the bejeebers out of the cats, who have just scared the bejebbers out of the birds!

As he arrives the cats jump to the tin roof of the shed and rattle their way across to the over hanging trees. He jumps and baritone-barks as they leap to the safety of the trees... and the birds seem pleased by their plight. The cats sway in the branches until Bruno loses interest and lumbers off to nap on the back stoop again. Everything settles down for a bit before it happens all over again…this is like the instructions on shampoo. (Wash, rinse and repeat)

Rajah and Bruno resting after the fray!

Additionally the squirrels are in cahoots with the cats and have made it their job to bedevil the Corgi, who goes berserk as they steal bird feed. They chatter and toss walnuts as he races from tree to tree... barking and jumping as though he could climb!

There is so much going on here... there is never a dull moment!

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