Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Absurd vanity... will I ever learn...

Cannot believe I did it again... I must be an idiot! Ouch!

Absurd Vanity
Okay, we all do stupid things out of pure vanity, but my latest takes the cake. I got these (heavy) large and stylish sunglasses in a valiant attempt to be 'with it'. I wore them for short spurts because they hurt behind my ears if I wore them for over an hour or so. As we were packing to send Michael's Dad off last weekend, all his siblings arrived in tandem so I wore them so my brothers/sisters in law would know how cool I am. I wore them Friday, Saturday and Sunday for about six hours each day. Okay you'd think.

NOT! I woke up Monday morning with a horrible pain at the bridge of my nose. I went to the mirror and almost fainted. My nose was huge!! Double the size at the bridge, with swelling all the way to my eyebrows; I looked Neanderthal. Apparently the sun glasses were the equivalent of pressing on the bone as one does when a nose bleed occurrs... for hours and hours. The kids tried to assure me it wasn't as bad as I thought, but I caught them making wincing faces behind my back... they were horrified.

The swelling at the bridge began 'falling' by yesterday until my lower nose looked like Bill Clinton's. (Sorry Bill) Needless to say, I haven't left the house. Today, it's still sore but on the mend. Am I an idiot or what?
Feel free to use this as a cautionary tale... vanity is pure folly.

*And no, I'll not post a pic. Stop laughing.


  1. But did you look good in the glasses? 'Cause really...isn't that all that matters? LOL I hope your nose is better soon! :)

  2. Yes I did!! And of course that is all that matters. I think I'll lay low for a few days tho'.

  3. Quick someone take those glasses from Catherine and toss them out before she does serious damage! :)

  4. Good idea Kat... someone save me from myself!