Monday, February 16, 2015

Feed the Birds... and Wait for Spring!

The predicted blizzard has come and gone without giant velocity; hopefully everyone took heed and were prepared to stay inside for a few days. The North East half of the nation is experiencing terrible weather conditions with record breaking snow fall accompanied by hurricane force winds. To be classified as a blizzard, there must be snowfall, regardless of how much, accompanied by winds of at least 35 MPH for at least three hours. They had winds up to seventy miles per hour in some places and the accumulated snow will take many months to thaw. I lived in Connecticut for one of the record breaking winters, and by the time of the April thaw, the snow had become a soggy black mass from auto pollution and muck. Our petite amount of snow was perfect for tossing out poppies to assure their growth.

Everyone watched the gray sky and the approaching cold front since our sweater weather was slated to plunge. And by late afternoon the winds picked up their pace and people were rushing to be inside. The early cold raindrops suddenly changed sleet pellets, which clung in frozen digits on the side mirrors of passing cars. Indeed for a few scant moments, it was oddly interesting to see rain drops and sleet falling simultaneously. The winds began and could be heard howling, their voices predicting the inevitable power loss from which we were spared this time. An interesting fact is that OG & E reports it takes only 1/16th of an inch of ice on lines to cause a power outage... and loss of electricity, quickly dashes any sense of Valentine romance. 

 All day on Saturday and Sunday the birds instinctually knew of the impending storm… they were at the feeder the entire day, stocking up as it were. Many of the birds had begun building nests during the balmy spell last week so they quite possibly are in shock. This is the time it is important to feed them for the duration of this bad weather so they remain healthy. A mixture which contains cracked corn is excellent since eating corn produces a higher body heat than other feed and will keep our feathered friends warm.

Rajah seemed tired of the wind~

The outdoor Geraniums that are currently being housed until spring were in shock when they first arrived inside so many lost leaves and produced lackluster growth with the change of their environment. For months spindly stems and pitiful blooms have made them appear half their former selves as they impatiently wait to go outside again. However if one looks closely, the tiny new leaves that are being called forth appear robust in form and color. It is time to prune them so the energy lost in futilely attempting to keep the old growth alive may be transferred to the new. Drastically pinch back your plant, removing small yellowing leaves, old unhealthy growth, and bare stems. The Geraniums will appear unsightly but by the time to take them to the garden, they will have totally recovered from being a boring houseplant and will be ready to bloom their hearts out for you.
Stay warm... each day we are closer to Spring!

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