Sunday, May 31, 2015

The End of May

It seemed that April flew by this year but May has lasted an unusually long time, possibly due to the lack of sunshine. The record breaking rains have brought our drought to an end while producing unprecedented misery for thousands of people across the Midwest. It will take many years to recover. For the garden, the rains were welcomed with great joy as the early May flowers and shrubs began to bloom. As the dreary days continued and the lawns and plants became waterlogged, by mid-May the charm began to fade. Now at the end of May, many gardens are in a state of flux and it remains to be seen if they will be able to recover.

For plants that have become a gooey mess it will be wise to cut them back and wait for new growth in June. Many of the Amaryllis have twisted and fallen with the wind and rain so this year will possibly be a ’wash out’ for them. Stake all of the lilies for their blooms will become too heavy when drenched… if wind is expected simply pick them to enjoy inside.

Looking on the bright side, many of the gophers that were plaguing the countryside have lost their homes which have flooded and imploded and possibly many have drowned. The trees which were borderline have rebounded and the shade which will be provided this year will be incredible. The water lilies are in splendid shape and the resurgence of frogs will aid in eliminating the inevitable mosquito population.

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