Friday, July 24, 2009

A Reckoning

A Reckoning

I believe that the planet is in distress because all of the spiritual ’points’ on it have been compromised. I always believed that there were special places that kept the planet in order. The meanings of the Eqyptian Pyramids, the Inca’s Machu Picchu, and Stonehedge have been lost. Nepal and the Acoma Mesa have been compromised and gambling is set up in those locations. Could the source of the natural disasters we are seeing be that the healing, guiding ’points’ of balance are gone? The Hopi believed that mankind’s thoughts and actions balanced the planet, but I think it was possibly these points.

The planet is a living being. Just like any entity, its health depends upon every part working in harmony. Disrupt that harmony and you have sickness. I believe the Ancients understood this and many of the astonishing works they created were placed at sensitive parts of the planet to channel the energy of the sun and moon for the benefit and well being of Mother Earth. Caring for the earth that gave of her bounty to sustain human life was the first and overriding duty of mankind.
And of course the earth was tangible. People could see and feel when the planet was out of harmony and made efforts to do something to correct this imbalance. But as the human race grew in intellect and complexity, they looked for something even more complex and inexplicable to worship and ceased to care for Mother Earth through the ancient sites.

They came up with God. God, an overarching, all embracing entity that encompasses all things, all worlds, all universes is not a singularity. Our planet is part of God. Standing in a church or mosque singing praises to an ultimate being is not the way to worship. First and foremost we should worship by caring for the planet on which we live.

Sadly, the world has lost sight of this in the dogma, bureaucracy and self interest of modern religions. Add to this the selfish, money orientated society in which we live and you have an impossible situation. Are we at the edge of apocalypse? Will Mother Earth no longer stand for the injuries inflicted on her…the taking of everything and giving nothing back? Possibly we are due a reckoning.

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