Friday, May 21, 2010

My Gardening Days...

I wrote this last year... but some things never change~

Sometimes it becomes too ridiculous and this is how my gardening days seem to go lately… I can't find anything in the yard anymore. I spend all my time looking for lost tools. I'll prune something then drop the pruners while I carry off debris, planning to return momentarily.

I see something else on the way back to the pruners and become distracted from the pruning job. A large clump of grasses or weeds lurking amongst the flowers catch my eye. I enthusiastically weed a bit then I begin to look for the rake to rake the weeds and grass I've pulled before they can rebound and reroot.

As I am looking for the rake, I see a lily with a heavy head that needs to be staked. I remember a stake is on the spent Iris so I go to the top bed and begin looking for it among the poppies. I finally locate it return to the Lily, stake the plant and note with satisfaction her head is upright.

Then I remember, as I see the wilting weeds, I am looking for the rake. I finally find it in some obscure place then rake the weeds into a pile. I need my gloves to pick up the pile so I go to the garden table to get them. Naturally they are not there.

I remember I took them to the house so they would not get rain soaked so I go to get them and finally find them under a packet of seeds on the ledge of the porch. Bingo… gloves on I now pick up the weeds. As I am carrying them off I see a six pack of wilting Petunias that desperately need to be put in the ground. First water them but where's my watering can? Then I need my trowel. Hmmm? I find the can, fill it and water the Petunias which immediately perk up.

I am still looking for one of my three trowels and finally find one in the herbs where I was digging grass days ago. I plant the Petunias then notice something that needs to be pruned.

I can't remember where I left the pruners, it's getting hot, I've missed lunch, I'm beginning to sweat and need a drink of water. I've gone full circle. No wonder I'm tired at night. Now if only I could get an uninterrupted night's sleep... But that's impossible too... the Moon keeps calling to me!


  1. You have obviously seen me in the garden! lol

  2. Yesterday I took a wheelbarrow around the yard and through each garden picking up things I had left here and there. When I finished the wheelbarrow was full. My wife is worse than I am. She constantly deadheads and has these little piles of clippings all over the place. That is also an almost daily job...picking up after her. This morning I don't know what end to start at. Maybe I will start in the middle and go from there. So much to do and so little time to do it. I feel your pain Cath

  3. Since Michael is so busy now, I pick up my own piles... except for huge limbs I prune. He asked a few weeks ago why I had made such a mess...I told him it is easier to help pick up piles than prune, weed, plant, transplant etc. He didn't agree so apparently it's a man thing Jimmy... be careful or you'll get peanut butter and jelly for dinner. (wink)