Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Change... From the swimming pool to the frog pond

Over time, needs change and adaptation naturally occurs in the garden. When the children were little we planted the Privet around the edge of the property and installed a horse tank surrounded by decking just opposite the badmitton court we had created for August tournaments. We surrounded the tank with evening bloomers that would smell lovely by moonlight... Datura and Four O'Clocks. Summer days were spent swimming and dipping, sunning and playing. Evenings were for star gazing, often while floating on inflatable chaises, gin and tonics in hand.

The children grew up, the swimming pool became more of a hassle than a joy, and the sun became very unfriendly. And so it became a frog pond. We placed lilies and water grasses in it, added goldfish to minimize mosquitos, and kept the night blommers for their scent. The decking was perfect for the green jumpers who came to inhabit our pond and often we had dozens that would plop with a splash as we approached.

Still it lacked the feeling, the aura if you will, that we wanted. So last weekend we removed the entrance decking, installed dual benches, a gravel path to the water's edge, and gave our little space a truly Zen feeling.

I like it a lot... and so does the the Pond Fairy!

*Five dollars worth of water hyacinth will clean an entire pond, multiplying as the season progresses.