Sunday, May 22, 2011

Updated walkway project... downsized with a small patio table and chairs

The original walkway project I did several years ago was a mistake... it added work to my garden duties. The Roses became too large and hung in the way and I was overwhelmed with a new place to manage and weed. So we removed it and made the existing path between the two beds gravel/flagstone... and added a little curve to a new 'patio'.

Old path: I loved it, but the roses as well as everything else in the bed overgrew... spilling seeds into the gravel. I became a terrible hassle to keep it trimmed and debris free... so we moved the gravel to the new path and will let the old one go to grass for a croquet court.

Here is the new one, located between the two beds. Much more manageable! I like the 'patio' too.

LeRoy is even using the new path!!


  1. Thanks! The rose can grow freely to the sunlight... and to the North now! The path is lined with heirloom Serpentine Garlic. It's a cool plant... after flowering, garlic buds form at the top in a cluster. Want some?

  2. Love the path and the patio. Looks like a lovely place to spend the summer!