Sunday, May 22, 2011

Updated walkway project... downsized with a small patio table and chairs

The original walkway project I did several years ago was a mistake... it added work to my garden duties. The Roses became too large and hung in the way and I was overwhelmed with a new place to manage and weed. So we removed it and made the existing path between the two beds gravel/flagstone... and added a little curve to a new 'patio'.

Old path: I loved it, but the roses as well as everything else in the bed overgrew... spilling seeds into the gravel. I became a terrible hassle to keep it trimmed and debris free... so we moved the gravel to the new path and will let the old one go to grass for a croquet court.

Here is the new one, located between the two beds. Much more manageable! I like the 'patio' too.

LeRoy is even using the new path!!