Monday, October 1, 2012

Give Flowering Shrubs Another Chance...

Advent of Fall
Time to plant a tree or shrub~    

The blessing of rain finally arrived with oft blinding deluges and was exactly what we needed to break the drought. The ponds are filling, the creeks are flowing, and once again the Canadian River has a trickle running through it. The deep thirst of the garden has been quenched and tiny whispers of wheat are appearing throughout the countryside giving a flowing tinge of green. After the stressful summer, Fall has arrived with magical precision and presents a perfect feel to each day.
With the rain, the garden has been rejuvenated and the frost hardy perennials have begun peeking above the ground. Their fresh color is so vigorous when compared to the tired summer foliage that it is inspiring. And for added inspiration perhaps give flowering shrubs another chance by replacing one this Fall. Even though many of us lost lovely shrubs to the drought, we who garden are famously optimistic... one planted now will acclimate through the winter you will have an established guest in the garden by Spring.

Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball and loosen the soil. Put some well rotted manure in the bottom of the hole and then ease the youngster into it, loosening the side and bottom roots. Fill the hole with soil and then water, letting the water fill and overflow. Jostle the shrub around and look for any bubbles rising to the surface. Those bubbles are air pockets and would have made your new guest ill so water and jostle until there are no more bubbles. Let the water sink and note the soil will sink with it; add more dirt until it is level and then press firmly until you feel the shrub is well supported. Use several stakes if necessary to assure it grows in an upright position. Water once a week when the weather permits and wait for spring.

I lost all of these old friends to the drought. May they RIP... they brought me much joy over many years.


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