Monday, November 12, 2012

Natures Decorations!

The foliage is still evolving and each day provides a new wonder to behold as the play of light and shadows shimmers on dancing leaves. It will reach a zenith as the clocks are turned back and the memory of it will carry us through the long winter months. Sunday the Maples turned a brilliant crimson and the China Berry began to loose leaves, showcasing the lovely translucent berries in large clusters on heavy branches. The brilliant scarlet of the lovely Virginia Creeper became clearly visible as it twined about the trunks of trees, climbing high into the uppermost branches. Even the Sumac, growing in every field and bar ditch, is dressed in a gorgeous ruddy red velvet this time of year.

As the days become shorter the season for interior decorations begins in earnest so plan to wander outside and shop for Nature’s ornaments. Shears in hand, look at the amazing plethora just outside the back door and begin collecting. Everything from brightly colored leaves to a wide assortment of interesting seeds lay waiting for the curious shopper. Privet berries are a deep blue, almost black, and last well all season. The translucent gold of China Berries add interest and the seeds of the Euronymous have a shell shaped like a mini four leaf clover which encases a plump red berry.

(Privet is rather Halloweenish~ And Euronymous is just plain cute!)

Bittersweet has tendrils with darling berries prancing along the stems and a variety of dried grasses add a wispy texture. Using a simple grape vine wreath and florist wire, begin to layer what you have collected and watch as magic ensues.

As far as inspiration for fall nothing compares to the exotic Pyracantha. Almost overnight the berries have ripened and hundreds of tiny baby ‘pumpkins‘ are covering the branches. The most favored is the lovely Firethorn variety which is a valued addition to the garden for the show she presents now. Tiny white bouquets of flowers appear in summer and form the berries which stay green until the evenings begin to cool and their color change begins. Not only are the early flowers are beloved by the bees but the bush-like spread and fierce thorns make it an ideal place for garden bunnies to scurry for safety. Clearly it originated in Asia; it positively looks oriental and can be found painted on many antique porcelain vases. Cut Pyracantha branches and let them creep across the breakfront with amber and scarlet leaves as filler.

Gather or purchase several sizes of pumpkins and oddly shaped gourds to add to your collections, sprinkle it all with white twinkle lights peeking from beneath leaves, hiding here and there, and your seasonal decorations for fall are complete. Have fun and happy hunting!


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