Monday, September 21, 2015

The Arrival of Autumn

As you read the paper, Autumn will have arrived gently at half past three Wednesday morning. The rains over the weekend, although accompanied by window-rattling thunder and lightning to match, were a pleasant surprise Mother Nature gave the garden this year. It is but rarely we have daytime rains which arrive intermittently in short succession.

When contemplating the morning temperatures of late, the word perfection comes to mind and Fall seems idyllically romantic when making such a fine appearance. Everything about this season is a sensual feast for the senses with the sight of changing leaves absolutely thrilling. As they complete their color change, they begin to fall, delicately swirling to the ground in a dance of drifting patterns. Finally as they accumulate in colorful heaps, they are a joy to walk through…crackling and swishing with the sudden snap of the occasional acorn hidden beneath them. For an outdoor walk, this season has no match.

As one continues cleans the garden, tidying up the confusion of overgrowth, the bones of the garden are visible once again and in viewing it, one immediately has an idea or two for next year. And as sagging summer bloomers are cut back, one may also see the tiny tips of the early spring bulbs emerging. They are early reminders the garden is perpetual and ever-evolving. They are the promise that the season may be over, but there is always another year resting beneath the ground, sleeping until spring.

The herbs may be cut back now to allow the new growth appearing at their bases to get light and air… perhaps another small harvest is possible should we have a late freeze. Collect the seeds of favorite annuals to share with gardening friends and through this gesture your garden will be present in other gardens as well. For the price of a dinner out, bulbs may be purchased and planted now to provide delightful surprises next spring. Possibly take a drive to find an orchard with apples to spare… there seems to be a bumper crop this year and often the owner is happy to allow you to ‘pick you own’ for a small price.

Some evening this week brew a cup of tea, grab a sweater, and wander outside, basking in the sweet mellow feel of the summer's end. If you listen carefully, you can hear the leaves dancing with the breezes before breaking free and slowly drifting to collect in crisp madness on the lawn. Enjoy… for Fall is a fabulous season!
*Photo By Catherine Dougherty

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