Friday, September 18, 2015

Kids Make Life Interesting

Since it is National Twin week, I recalled a story about my twins First Holy Communion... and yes, it really happened.
My twins Dolan and Marshall were seven at their First Holy Communion... the photo shows them as sweet baby Catholics. Of course, things did not go smoothly...
As I was trying to handle a squirming three year old and a baby, Patrick, their five year old brother had slipped out of the pew to join them at the Alter. As Michael and I looked on in horror,  he casually took Communion with them. He quietly got back in the pew and Michael hissed he wasn't allowed to have the host without taking the classes first, so he spit it out in my hand. I put it in my pocket... this is the consecrated Body of Christ and probably didn't belong there.
Michael was convinced it was some sort of sin so we told the priest after Mass what had happened. He told me the kids all looked alike to him so he was not responsible for giving Patrick the host. Then he asked 'Where is it?'. I replied 'In my pocket'. He looked horrified and snapped his fingers, 'Give it to me'. (It was damp and lint covered by now but apparently you can't just put the 'body of Christ' in your pocket.) He looked at it for a moment... then popped it in his mouth. I thought if a priest could dislike anyone it was probably us! 

The year before the twins had been in the procession at Grandpa Dougherty's funeral... carrying lit candles. Dolan was behind Marshall in the procession and was fascinated with his candle... he kept swirling and bobbing it around an inch or so from Marshall's hair! Good Lord!! I kept holding my breath with each motion of the flickering candle praying my son's hair would not ignite in front of the whole family.
**Following these events, even thinking about going to Mass gave me anxiety. 

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