Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother's manual... Manners 101


Now that you are out on your own, you are no longer under the protection of your family so there can be no more behaving like a child. There are grown-up rules for behavior and they are called manners.
Manners are social customs that identify a society and although customs differ greatly across the United States, there is a universal code of conduct that is acceptable everywhere. If you are acquainted with the rules, you will be able to handle any social situation whether it is a State Dinner in Washington D.C. or a biker bar in Odessa. The mark of a well mannered person is the positive impression they have left behind.
The simple rules listed below will enable you to travel through life with comfort and confidence, knowing you are behaving properly.

Attending a Gathering

1. Give respect to those who are older than you are. Considerations begin with the oldest and also include the weak, timid, or disabled. Scan the room when you enter and nod or smile at those deserving of recognition. If you choose to 'pay respects', do not interrupt. Wait to be acknowledged and make it short.

2. Learn to make 'small talk'. It is exactly that… bland and inoffensive and it is used in social situations. It is about the weather, the day, the food, the party or gathering. It is always positive, never critical.

3. Never mention sex, politics, religion, or make comments that may be considered rude, crude or vulgar. Stash the profanity.

4. Do not venture into intellectual areas you know nothing about. For example, do not instruct a group of bikers about the V-twin engine. They know. Do not talk to the med student about your Aunite's surgery either.

5. Never, never, leave a conversation abruptly. To suddenly turn and walk away in someone's mid-sentence is insulting.

6. Compliments are a must. Sometimes truthful sometimes not…it makes no difference. They make the recipient feel good and you will be remembered. Example: 'You look great', 'The food is delicious'. Save 'You look hot' for your own group.

7. Thank the people who invited you! Never leave without thanking all of them.

8. Lastly, do not over eat, over drink, or insult anyone.

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