Thursday, September 9, 2010


September is the time to enjoy the visual pleasure provided by the spectacular Cannas blooming. The Canna has been the subject of hot botanical debate for years with each continent hoping to take credit for its origin. However it belongs to us alone as it has never been unearthed during archaeological excavations anywhere but on our North American continent. Mentioned in exploration documents in 1576, it was formally introduced to Europe in 1856 where it was named for the Celtic word for cane or reed.

Rather ominously, on our continent the Canna was once called 'Indian Shot' as their small, hard, round seeds resembled the home-made lead shot used in shotguns prior to the twentieth century. The unusual seeds were also used in making jewelry and many attractive antique necklaces contain them, either dyed or natural. Because of this impenetrable seed, the Canna is the only plant in which hibernation of seed is known to occur.

Typically in hot red, orange, yellow, or combinations of the three, hybrids have produced a dazzling array of colors and heights for this exotic and exquisite species. They are natural pollinators and attract both hummingbirds and butterflies making them a welcome addition to every garden. An additional plus is the fact they will bloom faithfully left undisturbed for many, many carefree years.

Of note is the underground rhizome which contains the largest starch particles of any plant, allowing its agricultural use. Its leaves may be made into paper, its stem fiber is equivalent to jute, its seed provides a lovely natural purple dye, and its flowers have also been fermented to produce alcohol. Smoke from its burning leaves is said to be an insecticidal.

Horn Canna Farm, located on 120 acres in Caddo County, Oklahoma boasts the largest collection of Cannas in the world. Founded by Neil and Louise Horn in 1928, it is truly remarkable and will be hosting its 24th Annual Canna Festival on September 25, 2010. The event begins with a parade at 10:00 in downtown Carnegie, Oklahoma and following the Parade, the gardens will be open to welcome visitors. With over a million breathtaking Cannas in full bloom, I highly recommend a tour of the gardens…it is indeed fabulous.
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  1. Catherine this is a great piece on Canna's... I have a beautiful crimson one and an ice yellow pale but great color... love my Canna's thank you for this information... Love you xox Flora

  2. Thanks Flora! I want some of the ones with striped leaves!