Monday, September 26, 2011

Jealousy... a damaging emotion~

The Medicine Man of the Acoma tribe warns his charges to be on guard for the emotion of jealousy… considered to be the most dangerous and damaging of the negative emotions. Jealousy does not begin as such, but is rather the result of positive emotions becoming twisted over time.

A person is attracted to an individual for the traits they possess and often there is admiration for these traits. Perhaps the traits could be wisdom, kindness, talent, intellect, compassion, a sense of humor and so forth. In a normal progression, the admiration grows and turns into love and respect for the person; a friendship ensues.

Some weak minded persons allow the progression of friendship to fall into a dark and negative pattern. The very reasons they were initially drawn to the person become the cause of resentment. This resentment is the path to jealousy and hatred. The twisted individual will begin to believe 'gifts' were denied to them and freely given to the other. This sense of denial evolves and morphs into a desire to hurt or destroy the one they once admired. Their emotion has become jealousy, which lives hand in hand with hatred. All logical reason has been lost and the negativity will consume the person.

The Medicine Man cautions to be aware of this and learn the signs of jealousy. Often the victim does not imagine such hostility can come from one he trusted. He says to guard against allowing these negative emotions into your life… they have strong power and will consume all that is good around you.

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