Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Deep Cleaning~ Preparing for Autumn

The Final Result... Ready for Winter Reading!

There is nothing quite like deep cleaning to give the house a facelift. Granted it is back-breaking work, but with the proper mindset and tools it provides and almost Zen feeling. Sunday we began the process on the porch. A bowl of sudsy soapy water with a little Ammonia, Windex, Swifter's (a whole box) and paper towels, wash rags and kitchen towels to scrub then dry most surfaces.

Windows were washed of summer wind-blown grit, furniture dusted and lemon oiled, walls were wiped free of spider webs and dust, baseboards were scrubbed, the party frig defrosted. And lastly the whole place was vacuumed three times.
It looks and feels so GOOD!!

And I made a reading nook for Julia in the laundry room. Little Evans loves looking out the window there to see what is happening on the lower level of the garden. The animal antics around the pond are always interesting.  

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